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28% of all green house gases are generated from Transportation

If we are ever going to get people out of fossil fueled cars
We need a transit system that is better than highways and automobiles.

Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) is the only mode of transit that can fix the planet and eliminate traffic congestion and illiminate traffic deaths and serious injuries.

To learn more about the cost effectiveness and benefits of PRTs listen to Glydways CEO, Mark Seeger's talk from here.

While there only a few Personal Rapid Transit Systems (PRT) in Existence, the ones we do have are phenomenal. PRT at Heathrow Airport

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Robert James recently won a Genius Award from NYC MTA. Bob helped the city of Columbus, Ohio win the $50 million Smart City competion. Currently, Bob is designing autonomous transport systems for many large transport agencies, airports, universities and others. Bob is the "father" of connected vehicle approach to automonus transportation. Bob was Assistant Director of Virgina Tech's autonomous Transportation Institute in the late 90's, where he built the first Smart Highway

Safety is always first at CCA. We have designed our guideways to seperate the autonomous vehicle from road traffic and predestrian. When pedestrians do get close to our vehicles, we use multiple sensor technologies to keep them safe

Transportation system planning and design represents 8% to 10% of total transportation systems cost. More so, it represents the lion share of the time needed to complete most transportation projects. We are automating the planning and design tasks in order to get autonomous guideways built faster.
Here is one of our partners project in NYC to retrofit a subway line with a freight and passenger autonomous guideway

Here is a proposed guideway in front of Central Station in Downtown Forth Worth. The North Central Texas Council of Groverments is looking to put in autonomous guideways all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Widening bridges is a huge cost and creates months of traffic delays. PRT guideways can be attached to bridges typically without any reenforcement required due the very light weight of PRT guideways.

UWB Connected Connected Autonomomous Vehicle Control of Dedicated Autonomous Guideways

Re-Imagining Trucking

One day, Fully Autonomous Vehicles Will Change Our Lives and the Way We Travel. But Even After AV Technology is Prefected, There Will Be a Long Period When Conventional Vehicles Will be Sharing The Roads with Their Driverless Brothers. The Interaction between AVs and Humans Will Still Not Alleviate Most Congestion and in some Cases Make it Worse. An AV that Could Run on 4 Foot Wide Lanes, Will Still Be running on 12 Foot Highway Lanes. Reducing Traffic Flows to 1/3. Fully Autonomous Vehicles Can Utilize Realtime Dynamic Lane Reversal. Which is Not Possible in a Mixed Vehicle Enviornment.
Autonomous Guideways Can Use All these Advantages Today.

Compared to Fully Autonomous Vehicles, Autonomous Guideway Vehicles Can Be Quite Dumb While Still Being Very Safe. Here is our Commerical Autonomous Mowers Using Only Precision GPS Positioning to Control Them (1/2 inch Accuracy). Multiple Types of Low Cost Sensors are Used to Assure the Mower Doesn't Run Over Someone Asleep in the Field. Bottom Line, Accurate Positioning and a Robust Infrastructure Communication System Yields Safer and Lower Cost Tranportation Systems, Than Fully Autnomous Vehicles. Isolating the Vehicles on Dediacated Guideways Allows Autonomous Vehicles to Be Put into Safe Use Today

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